Y wear™ clothing co. Who are we?
David Mills 
is most commonly a Musician, but we rather just call him a creator. He creates in many forms: piano, Native American flute, crystal bowls, indigenous drums, sound, paint, photography, word, and hopefully a better world. 

Jen Valencia is another creator of color, paint, word, sound, sculpture (on occasion), 
and what ever else tickles her fickle fancy...

If you would like to know more about David and Jen or to see their other Projects go to our main site... 


Our Goals and Aspirations
David and Jen have dreamed 
of pursuing their lives as creators of art 
full time for many years. 
The Universe provided and 
they manifested a situation so 
they may go after their dreams. 
Many things have been on their To Do List: 
Y Wear Clothing Company 
(a fun and enlightened clothing company
-where you are at now) 
The other projects we have in the “wings” are:
2 Children’s Books, Movie Scripts, 
Novels, Non-Fiction Books, Poetry Collection
David’s mainstream Jazz 
and Spiritually-minded Music CDs, 
Jen’s Illustration and Art projects, 
& David and Jen’s collaborative Art pieces. Support the Arts and the Artists!
 Buy a creation of Jen and David today! 
Let the dream carry-on!
As most of you may already know, 
David and Jen are a little different from your average birds. 
What has yet to be established is if this has any advantages... 
In 2006, they quit our “day” jobs to pursue a life of 
creativity, exploration and spiritual awareness.
Enjoy their products, puns and designs... The idea for Y-Wear™ Clothing began long ago when David and Jen were just beginning their path together. Now years later their propensity for puns and sarcasm has made itself into a product line! About 
Y-Wear™ Clothing